Sunday, June 05, 2005

Here we go

I flipped on the tube this afternoon, and caught part of the movie Hoffa, a less-than-successful biopic starring Jack Nicholson as the Teamsters leader. The movie tries too hard for an "epic" feel and saddles Nicholson with ludicrous makeup that aims at making him look more like Hoffa. Who needed that? Just let Nicholson be Nicholson, and rely on his acting to carry the part. His acting was, in fact, pretty darn good. The script had its moments, too. Could have been quite a movie if the filmmakers had relaxed a bit.

What's this got to do with Linda Foley? Just this: Partly inspired by Hoffa, I today began my write-in campaign to get on the executive committee of my Newspaper Guild union local. I'm a single-issue candidate: I want Linda Foley to explain herself, and won't be silent until she does so. And I can do a better job of demanding an explanation if I'm part of the union leadership.

So I went to Kinko's and made up 100 leaflets, then drove to the newsroom and spread them around. I hope Ms. Foley's enormity is the talk of the newsroom by this time tomorrow, and that more and more union members will take a stand.

As for my campaign, what shall I do if I win? Demand a recount, probably.


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